22 Nisan 2014 Salı

FreeBSD İlk Çeyrek Durum Raporu - 2014

FreeBSD geliştiricileri 2014 yılının ilk çeyreği için bir durum raporu yayımladı.
Son 4 ay içinde pek çok dikkat çekici değişiklikler yapılmış.

* Ports team released their landmark first quarterly “stable” branch
* FreeBSD continues to grow on the ARM architecture, now running on an ARM-based Chromebook
* SMP is now possible on multi-core ARM systems
* bhyve, the native FreeBSD hypervisor, continues to improve
* An integral test suite is taking shape, and the Jenkins Continuous Integration system has been implemented
* FreeBSD patches to GCC are being “forward-ported”, and LLDB, the Clang/LLVM debugger is being ported
* Desktop use has also seen improvements, with work on Gnome, KDE, Xfce, KMS video drivers, X.org, and vt, the new console driver which supports KMS and Unicode
* Linux and Wine binary compatibility layers have been improved
* UEFI booting support has been merged to head
* The FreeBSD Foundation continues to assist in moving FreeBSD forward, sponsoring conferences and meetings and numerous development projects

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FreeBSD İlk Çeyrek Durum Raporu - 2014
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